How to style a kurti/kurta

Every Indian girl loves dressing up in traditional clothing because there’s no denying how stunning they look in them. Plus, they are super comfortable and breezy, perfect for the summers.

However, wearing the same kurti/kurta in the same old boring styles can get a little dry and monotonous.

So, here are 5 unique ways you can style a kurti/kurta, even if its borrowed from your mom/sister!

1. The half tuck:

Tuck one half of your button down kurti from the front in your jeans/shorts for a great info Western look

Works with: button down kurti,side slit kurti (tuck the entire front part of the kurti)

2. The jacket:

Open up all the buttons of your kurti and wear it as a jacket. I added a belt to structure it at the waist 🙂

Works with: short or long button down kurtis. Also works with half button down kurtis

3. The blouse

Open the last few buttons of your kurti and tie a knot to wear it as a blouse!

You can also open up the first 3-4 buttons of the kurti and wear it off the shoulder 😉

Works with: medium or short button down kurtis

4. The skirt:

Yes, you can wear your kurti as a skirt! Simply open the first few buttons, scoot it down to your waist, tie the sleeves and tuck!

Works with: long sleeved button down kurti, long sleeved half button down kurti

5. The dress

This one’s slightly common, but you can wear a kurti as a dress

Works with: pretty much any long kurta, anarkalis and A-line kurtas
You can also drape a scarf around the shoulders to make it look less like a kurta

That’s pretty much it! Other than this, some commonly known ways to jazz up a kurta are:

1. Wearing them with jeans or trousers

2. Wearing them with skirts or Palazzo pants

3. Wearing oxidised silver/gold junk jewellery like bangles, neck pieces, earrings, nose rings and chain belts

4. Adding pretty, vibrant coloured dupattas

5. Wearing a bindi even if extremely tiny can pull the whole look together

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more posts in the future ❤


Ways to style a white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is the perfect basic piece of clothing item for when you’re feeling lazy or have nothing to wear. However, it does not have to make a plain and boring outfit. Here are 10 ways you can style a white t-shirt to make it look way more put together and stylish than simply throwing it on with trackpants!

1. Pair it up with printed palazzos/pants-

Pair a plain white t-shirt with printed bottoms to make it look jazzy and cute, and add a bit of texture and pattern to an otherwise boring outfit

Printed plaid pants
Printed palazzo pants with ethnic earrings

2. Pair it up with solid coloured pants

Add a bit of colour and life to the dull white top with vibrant coloured bottoms

Here, I paired the tshirt with light pink pencil trousers

3. With a good pair of jeans

Yes yes I know. Very basic. But by a good pair I mean good quality, comfortable, correct sizing on the waist, hips and thighs and preferably dark wash denim jeans.

Throw on some cute sneakers and it’s a look!

4. Jazz up your outfit with a bandana

Tie a bandana or scarf around your neck to make the white t-shirt stand out in your outfit

5. Pair it with denim shorts for a summer/spring look!

Jeans are great and everything, but in the summers, they can easily turn you into a sweaty mess like a sinner in church. So switch the jeans for denim shorts, easy!

Tie a knot on the tee and you’re good to go

6. Rock shorts even in the cool weather by adding a jacket

There’s nothing like a blue denim jacket or a black classy one to give your outfit a while new look

Denim on denim is always a yes!
If you’re not a fan of blue denim on blue, try a black or any coloured one instead!

7. Under a sleeveless dress

Want to tone down a fancy dress? Or simply want a little more modesty in a sleeveless dress? Or maybe don’t want dress codes to ruin your aesthetic? Throw on that tee under any sleeveless dress for a chic look

A basic tee under a sleeveless knee length dress

8. Under a sleeveless top

The same rules as the dress apply to a top too! Pair up a camisole top or any sleeveless top with a white t-shirt to give off a more modest and professional vibe

An otherwise fancy top toned down by layering it with a white tee

9. Over a full sleeved top

If you can wear it under a top, why not over it? Layering clothes on top on each other is one of the most effortless yet effective ways to stylize an outfit

10. For a more traditional/ethnic look, wear it with a long skirt

Pair up your tee with a long skirt and oxidised jewellery and you can easily pull it off as a garba/Puja/traditional day outfit!

You’ll be turning heads everywhere 😉

And that’s it! With these 10 styles, you can repeat your basic white t-shirt many times without it looking like you’re repeating the whole outfit and putting in no effort to style yourself.

Thank you for reading! Please drop your suggestions/thoughts in the comments❤️

The Journey Begins

I have had a love for fashion since I was 7. I was very particular about the clothes my mom would buy for me; I never let her buy my clothes without me present there. I had a huge hoard of junk, plastic hairclips, bracelets and necklaces which I would match with my “outfits” even back then😂

I decided to start this blog to be able to express myself with the way of my clothes and accessories. Style and fashion can carry you a long way through life if done right. Clothes can help build a strong first impression and build confidence in you.

If you look good and put together, people will want to approach you and will want to know you. Remember, self confidence is the best accessory!

I hope to be able to create a unique style that everyone will love and enjoy; maybe even get inspired by it someday!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!💙